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Post your trade list for trading
This is a safe zone to do so
Last years OG kush from Seeds Online

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Whats going on everyone

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Here is my list I am ONLY looking for
Autos (sorry) short grow season here.
Really seriously looking for Bruce
Banner (Photo or Auto), Mazar, Durban
Poision, Auto Red Poison, Strawberry
Banana, Frisan Duck, Ducks Foot, Cherry
Bomb,LSD-25, Blackberry Kush,
Amnesia, Berry Blast. Thanks Inbox me.

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I have IHG, Compound, Thug Pug and a few others all looking for new homes.

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Anyone know or heard of a strain called 4 way or fairfax 4 way. And schyuler skunk. Theyre 2 virginia legends im looking for

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Looking to trade opneed 5 pack(4 total) for something a little more gassy.


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